Meat tenderisers: whom are they intended for?

TenderStar Tenderisers are designed mainly for butchers looking to get the maximum out of the meat…

The fact is that most of the animal consists of somewhat tougher, but extremely tasty pieces of meat.


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The TenderStar transforms tougher cuts of meat into a tender, tasty product that delivers twice the profit. Now butchers can always offer their customers tender meat that is full of flavour – and that they can sell for a better price than, say, minced meat. Our tenderisers make meat more tender, while maintaining its natural flavour and structure. Your customers can taste the difference and feel the meat is better. You too will notice a difference … in your cash drawer. 

A TenderStar is the ideal solution for anyone who wants tender, delicious cubes for satay. Tiny incisions make even the toughest, chewiest pieces wonderfully tender. It’s so easy to serve your customers with better quality. And better still, there’s a TenderStar for every budget.

Do you regularly marinate your products? Then a TenderStar is also essential. The numerous (almost invisible) incisions in the meat help your marinade to penetrate much faster to the heart of the product. With a TenderStar, you need less marinade and less marinating time to achieve the same flavoursome result. And, of course, you’ll see the difference in your wallet. When you have a TenderStar you also have the very best in hygiene, quality and safety working for you. 




What products can you use a Tenderiser for?

Meat, poultry, fish: you can tenderise them all. From satay cubes to chicken fillets. Ostrich steaks to scampi. That’s right, scampi! TenderStar is a great idea if you want to marinate these beauties.

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The tiny scores in the prawn take the marinade much deeper into the meat. The result: more flavour with less marinade. Your customers will taste the difference.

And you? You’ll notice the difference in takings. 



What’s the best way to use my TenderStar?


TenderStar does more than just sell products. We’ll be happy to show you the best way to use all of the capabilities of your TenderStar machine. Which means you’ll working even better, safer and more hygienically. And because pictures say far more than words, we’ve given you a number of short explanatory film. If you still have any questions after watching the films, please do not hesitate to ask us for personal advice. And if you would rather see a demonstration at a TenderStar sales outlet, that can be arranged, too.

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